Pigmented Series PlayGuard Accessories

Pigmented Series PlayGuard Accessories


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Accessories for Pigmented Series




This is the place to find ADA Ramps, Corners, Edges &  Installation Accessories!

best quad block Ideal for playgrounds, rooftops, and patios, PlayGuard’s exclusive Quad Blok interlocking system offers reliable easy-down / easy-up installation. Available for PlayGuard 2-1/2″ (6.35cm) tiles, 3-3/4″ (9.52cm) tiles, and 4-1/4″ (10.8cm) tiles, Quad Blok interlocking connectors are manufactured from high quality recycled rubber. Unlike labor intensive poured-in-place systems, Quad Blok modular connectors feature precisely located openings that interface with the corner leg understructure PlayGuard tiles. The connectors are quick and easy to use without adhering to or causing damage to playground substrates and they allow the removal or replacement of individual tiles with minimal disruption and labor.

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PG40A Black, PG41A Grey, PG42A Red, PG43A Green

Pigmented Series Accessories

1" Tile Reducer, 2.5" Tile Reducer, 3.75" Tile Reducer, 2.5" ADA Access Ramp, 2.5" ADA Side Reducers, 2.5" Outside Corner Reducer (45°), 2.5" Inside Corner Reducer (45°), 2.5" Outside Corner Reducer (90°), 2.5" Inside Corner Reducer (90°), 2.5" Quad Block Installer (17 mm), 2.5" Quad Block Installer (19 mm), 3.75" Quad Block Installer (19 mm), Dowels (Each), Dowel Setting Tool