Rubber Flooring

Best Rubber Flooring Products in USA

Allied Products offers a wide variety of options for sports and fitness flooring. Our products are suitable for home or commercial use. Our most popular type of flooring is our rubber products. We offer rubber flooring in rolls and tiles in straight cut and interlocking which can be installed permanently or loose laid for later removal. We also offer rubber athletic mats that are perfect for heavy weight lifting. These mats come standard in 4’ x 6’ but custom sizes are also available. We also offer rubber underlayment for our modular tiles which provides added cushion and sound abatement.

Rubber Flooring Products

Our rubber rolls and tiles are perfect for home or commercial use. Both come available in black and a wide variety and density of color fleck. The available colors and versatility of our rubber products make them usable in even the nicest of facilities and help meet nearly any design needs. This combination of color availability and durability is what makes out rubber flooring the most popular choice in all types of sports and fitness facilities. Rolled rubber comes standard black in color. When you want colored flooring, colored rubber flakes are added to the base black randomly but evenly throughout the roll. To achieve more color, a higher percentage density of color flecks are used. The color flecks actually become part of the roll the whole way through and do not just sit on the top of the black. Color fleck is available up to 95%. For reference, 95% color fleck would be very high color, with only 5% black showing.

Recycled Rubber Flooring Products

All of Allied Products’ rolled rubber and tiles are made in the United States and Canada. Our recycled rubber products predominately come from reclaimed rubber automobile tires. Rubber recycling can be a tedious process but our manufacturers are held to the highest environmental standards. The benefits of recycling are many, and some of the properties in recycled material actually are more desirable for sports and fitness use. Using recycled materials actually requires less power to manufacture than virgin materials as well. You can rest assured that using our recycled rubber products you have helped keep many tires out of landfills and can even reduce your facilities carbon footprint.

Rubber Roll and Tile Flooring Installation

Our rubber rolls can be permanently installed with troweled adhesive, or double sided pressure sensitive (DSPS) tape. Using tape will still adhere the floor very well, but will allow for the flooring to be removed at a later date. It should be noted though, if tape was used for installation some residue may be left over when removed. Typically in a commercial facility adhesive will be used as it is the most durable, permanent solution. Rolls should be rolled out flat and left to acclimate at room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to installation. Our tiles can be loose laid or adhesive can be used. No matter which method you use, you need to make sure that the area receiving flooring is broom swept, vacuumed, dry and free of dust before installation. Adhesive and tape will not stick to dust and a clean subfloor is vital to successful installation. To install rubber flooring you will want a non-retractable razor blade cutter, chalk line, masking tape, T-square, measuring tape, trowel, seam sealer, flooring adhesive, stir stick, knee pads, mineral spirits and cleaning rags in case of adhesive spillage. It is very important to note that the mineral spirits are for cleaning tools and spills anywhere EXCEPT on the rubber and should NOT come in contact with the rubber flooring.

Rubber Roll and Tile Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Never use any petroleum based products with any recycled rubber products. This includes solvents, adhesives and sealants. Petroleum based products will severely reduce the life and quality of your floor system. We recommend a neutral PH rubber floor cleaner such as the CleanBreak system. Neutral PH cleaners will not have adverse reactions with the recycled material. Daily maintenance can include sweeping, sponge mopping or vacuuming. For a more extensive cleaning using a cleaner/deodorizer such as Cleanvia CV1000, or a mild detergent with a sponge mop and warm water is usually sufficient. For outdoor rubber cleaning, use of a water hose, leaf blower or broom is typically sufficient.

Rubber Odor

One issue facing customers looking into purchasing rolled rubber or tiles for their home or fitness center is the potential for unwanted rubber odor. This typically is not as much of an issue as it has been in the past. Manufacturers used to use sulfur based binding agents to hold the rubber granules together. While this process is still used on some rubber mat materials, it is not a part of the rolled rubber and tile manufacturing process. Presently, Allied Products’ manufacturers use urethane based binding agents which cuts down on the smell so much that it is typically only an issue for people with a very sensitive sense of smell. Proper ventilation is the best way to ensure odor levels are kept to a minimum. Much like new carpet, rolled rubber and tiles will have an initial effect on the odor of the environment, but with proper air circulation and time the smell will dissipate.

PVC Tiles

Allied Products also offers a wide variety of modular PVC tiles. These tiles are great for aerobics and multipurpose use. When combined with a rolled rubber underlayment these tiles provide an excellent, very comfortable floor system. We offer tiles in many different colors and styles from wood look, to solid colors, to flow through designs suitable for wet areas. All of our modular PVC tiles also are constructed in a raised fashion so electrical cords can be routed underneath and out of the way. We offer solutions for indoor and outdoor use. We even have options with game lines pre painted on the tiles up to certain sizes. We have tiles for basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, inline skating, tennis and just about any sport.

Carpet Tile

We also offer the highest quality carpet tile anywhere. It is 3/8” thick and made of polypropylene fiber which naturally repels moisture, sweat and food and drink stains. Our carpet tiles are so durable they are often used in weight rooms, spinning rooms stretching areas and childcare facilities. Polypropylene fiber is far more durable than traditional nylon carpet and it can withstand free weights and selectorized machines placed directly on it without creating dents and rust marks. Our carpet tile is also anti-microbial and fast drying making it an excellent choice for locker rooms, around hot tubs and pools and water fountains. If it does stain, our carpet tile is designed to easily release the stain using standard shampooing methods. Carpet tile is manufactured using a needle punch method which allows the flooring to be cut into patterns, borders, curves shapes and logos without fraying. The needle punch manufacturing process also prevents “zippering” like standard carpet when a machine is dragged over it. Our carpet tiles are easily installed using inexpensive flooring adhesive and the tiles don’t need to be seamed, just butted together making for a quick and easy installation. Daily maintenance is a breeze and requires just a simple vacuum. Periodically as needed, hot water extraction machines are an excellent way to keep your carpet tile looking new.

Recycled PVC Sports and Multi-Purpose Rolls

Allied Products also offers a product that is booming in popularity called Extreme Sports Flooring. This is a recycled rolled PVC flooring that comes in 3 different thicknesses and many different colors including maple and oak wood look. This flooring is suitable for basketball, volleyball, gymnasiums, multi-purpose, aerobics, martial arts and many other sports. It is constructed from the bottom up of a closed cell foam backing which offers excellent shock absorption and stability, a reinforced woven fiberglass inner layer for indentation resistance and shock absorption, a 100% vinyl wear layer which provides long lasting superior durability and finally a top layer of PUR coating which offers excellent resistance to dirt build up while providing a durable, easy to maintain surface. This product is a very popular choice for those looking for a less expensive alternative to a traditional maple hardwood basketball floor.

Horse Stall Mats, Interlocking Stall Mat Kits and Equine Pavers

We also offer flooring suitable for equine use. We offer stall mats in ¾” thickness standard in sizes of 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 8’ although custom sizes are available. Also available are interlocking stall mat kits that are a breeze to install and offer excellent durability and comfort for horses and trainers alike. Using stall mats also eliminates “digging” which can create a big mess and an unstable surface for the horse. Equine mats are great for stalls, storage areas, breezeways, and wash bays. In addition to rubber equine flooring we also offer rubber pavers for equine use that are 1” thick that are great for barn aisle ways and offer a much more comfortable floor than concrete.

Industrial and Anti Fatigue Mats

Allied Products also offers a line of Industrial and anti-fatigue mats. For industrial use we offer mats with a non-skid, textured backing for excellent traction and comfort, even in dirty areas. For restaurants, kitchens and behind bars we even have grease resistant mats. We also have ring mats which allow for use in wet areas to keep workers off of slippery surfaces. For workers in clean areas who will be standing for long periods of time we offer our Ortho mats which are of the highest quality and comfort available and help promote a safe productive work environment. Our industrial mats are available in many different sizes, and some even offer different color options.

Foam Tiles

Allied Products offers a line of closed cell foam based tiles that are great for children’s or home applications. These foam products come in different thicknesses, colors and variations. This product line varies from solid color foam tiles with a cross hatch texture top, to foam tiles with a “painted on” wood look. These foam tiles are also available with a carpet style top in many different color variations. Once again, our foam tiles are recommended for home use only and are very economical but will show indentation if heavy exercise or other equipment is placed on them and will wear fairly quickly under heavy use. These tiles may be used for light weight lifting areas but are prone to tearing when weights are repeatedly dropped on them. These tiles are manufactured in the USA and typically can ship via UPS or FedEx ground which saves money over drop shipping with a freight company.

Flooring Delivery

Allied Products represents a number of manufacturers with locations all over the country. This allows us to economically service our customers nationwide. That said, the majority of the products we sell are quite heavy. Due to this, most of our products need to be drop shipped to you. This means your product is going to be delivered to you from a semi-truck. For residential deliveries we must know beforehand so that a truck with a liftgate on the trailer can be sent. Freight deliveries of this type require someone to be at the delivery address to meet with the driver and receive the product. It is important to note that most freight companies policies will only allow the driver to take the pallets about 10’ from the truck before “inside delivery” is required at an additional cost. It is important to remember this so you can make sure to plan properly, making sure you have a pallet jack to move an entire pallet, or at least a helper with a hand truck (dolly) to move the rolls individually. Please keep in mind that rubber rolls can weigh up to 400 lbs depending on the roll length and thickness, so a helper (or two) can be vital.
Smaller orders of tiles and our soft foam flooring can be shipped UPS or FedEx ground typically. Of course though, once you hit a certain point it becomes more cost effective to ship via a freight carrier.

In the rare case of damaged goods, please do not refuse the shipment. It is best to receive the product and have Allied Products send you replacements ASAP. Refusing the shipment will not free the customer from redelivery or return shipping costs. It is very important to note any damage on the bill of lading (provided by the driver) at the time of delivery in as much detail as possible and have the driver sign the bill of lading. If it is possible, take pictures of the damaged goods on the truck before it is unloaded. This will help provide evidence for the claims process, which will be taken care of by Allied Products.

If your delivery location has ease of access issues, or if you believe a truck around 40’ in length including trailer would have trouble maneuvering your driveway or neighborhood, it is vital you let us know beforehand so we can make sure a shorter box truck is sent.