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Recycled Rubber Flooring Products

recycle_logo1All of Allied Products’ rolled rubber and tiles are made in the United States and Canada. Our recycled rubber products predominately come from reclaimed rubber automobile tires. Rubber recycling can be a tedious process but our manufacturers are held to the highest environmental standards. The benefits of recycling are many, and some of the properties in recycled material actually are more desirable for sports and fitness use. Using recycled materials actually requires less power to manufacture than virgin materials as well. You can rest assured that using our recycled rubber products you have helped keep many tires out of landfills and can even reduce your facilities carbon footprint.

Recycled PVC Sports and Multi-Purpose Rolls

Allied Products also offers a product that is booming in popularity called Extreme Sports Flooring. This is a recycled rolled PVC flooring that comes in 3 different thicknesses and many different colors including maple and oak wood look. This flooring is suitable for basketball, volleyball, gymnasiums, multi-purpose, aerobics, martial arts and many other sports. It is constructed from the bottom up of a closed cell foam backing which offers excellent shock absorption and stability, a reinforced woven fiberglass inner layer for indentation resistance and shock absorption, a 100% vinyl wear layer which provides long lasting superior durability and finally a top layer of PUR coating which offers excellent resistance to dirt build up while providing a durable, easy to maintain surface. This product is a very popular choice for those looking for a less expensive alternative to a traditional maple hardwood basketball flooring.

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