Fitness Flooring

We provide the highest quality and best pricing of fitness flooring in the industry

Do you own a gymnasium and are in the market for new fitness flooring? Has it been years since the existing fitness flooring was installed and you’re interested in looking at some of the new fitness flooring innovations? Allied Products is the company to call. Allied Products has been providing fitness flooring as well as full service installation services for all sporting needs and all different kinds of facilities across the nation. When it comes to fitness flooring for your sports centers, talk to Allied Products’ knowledgeable and experienced team of knowledge experts.

We provide the highest quality and best pricing of fitness flooring in the industry. John Gearhart, the owner of Allied Products has over thirty years plus of constructing sports projects and working with gymnasium flooring materials. His company prides itself on being the only provider of products and services that you’ll ever need to call for all your fitness flooring needs. We offer the widest selection of quality flooring and all our products are fully tested.sportweave_sml

When you’re dealing with fitness flooring, your facility may call for more than one or two different flooring materials. We are experienced in gym flooring and can educate you and the ins and outs, and the reasons to choose one kind of fitness flooring over another. Your fitness flooring needs to address the needs of the different kinds of fitness activities that the floors are being used for. We can provide you with quality flooring that will withstand the test of time and provide a safe base for your clients to work out on.

Whether we are dealing with your fitness flooring or sports court surrounds, our goal is to match our clients up with the exact product that would best suit their needs and application. We offer a wide variety of products and have the selection available to choose the right materials for your fitness flooring project.

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