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Per Square Foot

$9.96 per tile

Many websites will advertise a lower price per square foot for their flooring, then attempt to make up the difference by charging exorbitant shipping rates. Allied Products feels that we can provide the best customer service by providing custom shipping rates specific to your order and shipping destination. To obtain pricing with a customized freight choose item color/style and/or square footage in the menus below then click the “Add to Quote” button and continue with form that follows. Our team will email back a quote specific to your request.

Note: “Actual Area sq ft” (referred to below) may be more than your required sq ft due to minimum order increments.
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price

Product Description

 SoftWoods 24″ x 24″ x 5/8” (14mm)

 The contemporary look of hardwood with the comfort of SoftFloors! SoftWoods create an elegant and extremely comfortable floor that is lightweight, portable, soundproof, waterproof and insulating! Made with closed cell EVA foam rubber.

  Each tile comes with two detachable corner/border edges

 $2.49 sq ft   $9.96 per piece

SWWT0202I B Applications:SWLO0202I B

SWLO0202I A   SWWT0202I A   SWRO0202I A   SWDO0202I A   SWCY0202I A

Additional Information

Weight 1.28
Dimensions 26 x 26 x 0.625 in

Cherry, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Black, Gray, Green, Blue


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