Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile

Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile
Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 2 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 3 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 4 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 5 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 6 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 7 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 8 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 9 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 10 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 11 Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile 12

Premium Polypropylene Carpet Tile

Per Square Foot

Price per case: $224.20 | Price per tile: $11.20

Comes in 2 styles: Calypso and Diagonal.

Calypso Tiles available in: Lichen | Chestnut | Anthracite

Diagonal Tiles available in: Blue | Grey | Charcoal | Lichen | Bronze | Espresso | Black Walnut | Beige

Sold by the case only.

One case contains 20 tiles.

1 tile covers 2.7 sq ft | 1 case covers 54 sq ft.

Actual tile size: 3/8″H x 19 11/16″W x 19 11/16″L

Select color option from the drop down menu below. This will open Length and Width boxes you can use to determine your required square footage.


Many websites will advertise a lower price per square foot for their flooring, then attempt to make up the difference by charging exorbitant shipping rates. Allied Products feels that we can provide the best customer service by providing custom shipping rates specific to your order and shipping destination. To obtain pricing with a customized freight choose item color/style and/or square footage in the menus below then click the “Add to Quote” button and continue with form that follows. Our team will email back a quote specific to your request.

Note: “Actual Area sq ft” (referred to below) may be more than your required sq ft due to minimum order increments.

Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price

Product Description

nsu carpet tile diagonalCarpet Tilensu carpet tile diagonal

liquor store diagonal tile

When you want the look of carpet and durability of rubber you need Carpet-Tile.

(Sold by the case only. 20 tiles per case.)

Why Carpet-Tile? Because you cannot find a tougher carpet floor tile!

Carpet-Tile is manufactured with almost indestructible polypropylene fiber. Polypropylene fiber repels moisture, including sweat and food stains often found in cardio, spinning rooms, weight rooms, stretching area and childcare facilities.

Polypropylene fiber is far more durable than traditional nylon carpet; it easily stands up to heavy commercial traffic, as well as free weight and selectorized machines placed directly on it.


Foyers – Walkways – Offices – Weight Rooms – Cardio Areas – Group Cycling Areas – Locker Rooms Waiting Rooms – Childcare – Common Areas – Game Rooms – Retail Establishments


  • Move your machines around without dents or rust marks left on your carpet.
  • Carpet-Tile Flooring is available in many colors and styles.
  • Carpet-Tile Flooring is anti-microbial and fast drying, ideal for locker rooms.
  • Carpet-Tile Flooring will not rot, stain or mildew around water fountains, hot tubs or pools.
  • Carpet-Tile flooring easily releases stains, and can be cleaned using standard shampooing methods.
  • Needle punch construction allows flooring to be cut into patterns, curves, borders and logos without fraying.
  • Needle punching prevents flooring from zippering like standard tufted carpet, even when machines are dragged over it.
  • Carpet-Tile backing is waterproof.
  • Carpet-Tile tiles are simple to install with inexpensive multipurpose adhesive.
  • Available in 19 11/16” x 19 11/16” tiles.
  • Tiles don’t need to be seamed, just butt together.


Vacuum daily with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner that features a rotary power brush or beater bar. Product releases more soil when completely dry.

Carpet-Tile cleans beautifully with the use of a Hot Water Extraction machine.

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Additional Information

Weight 50
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 12 in

Calypso, Diagonal


Blue, Grey, Charcoal, Lichen, Bronze, Espresso, Black Walnut, Beige, Chestnut, Anthracite


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